Paquette & Associates custom automated manufacturing systems

Paquette & Associates is uniquely qualified to be your partner in developing custom automated manufacturing systems. For over 18 years, we have developed projects for a broad range of industries including: medical device, pharmaceuticals, light industrial, automotive, web converting and printing, as well as food processing and packaging.

Our staff of mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers, and electro-mechanical technicians is great not only because we have engineered, designed, assembled, debugged, and installed numerous systems for customers located throughout the world, but just as importantly, because of how well we’ve integrated into our clients’ engineering and manufacturing teams. When you talk to us and look at our backgrounds, you’ll not only see very talented professionals who know how to execute a project, but people who know how to best mesh with your in-house engineering team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our goal, from the development of the Functional System Description (FSD) to final delivery and installation, is to impress you, both with our command of the technologies we employ and how well we fit in with your company’s systems and processes. Call us today!