Paquette & Associates automated systems design, engineering, manufacturing and installation


Automated Systems

Paquette & Associates engineers, designs, manufactures, debugs, and installs complete turnkey automated systems from customer specifications or from jointly developed specifications. We will also design the customer specified machine or system providing full documentation for manufacturing by the customer.

Recent projects include:

Automated Manufacturing System

We designed and manufactured a system to automatically manufacture a medical device; the system utilized feeder bowl, ultrasonic welding, and precision pick and place devices. The system improved product quality and throughput.

Automated Assembly System

We designed and manufactured a system to automatically assemble a medical device that was too small and delicate to be assembled by manual means. This system featured precision positioning devices, machine vision technology, and precision feeding equipment.

Processing System

We manufactured a system to process a medical device component. This equipment performed a task not capable by manual means and featured servo motors, magnetic particle brakes, load cells, and high precision fluid pumping.