Paquette & Associates machine builders specification
Paquette & Associates machine builders specification


Machine Builders Specification

Paquette & Associates routinely develops machine builders specifications for manufacturers who would like to have a standard specification to serve as a basis on which all their equipment is manufactured. These specifications are often invaluable when addressing OSHA and ANSI guidelines.

Safeguarding of equipment is more often overlooked than manufacturers would expect. A lack of understanding of OSHA and ANSI guidelines can result in equipment with substandard guarding.  A machine builders specification with clearly specified guarding requirements will eliminate expensive retrofits that manufacturers are often required to perform to facilitate signoff by the corporate safety officer.

As manufacturing facilities increase the amount of production equipment, the challenge of having different spare part manufacturers can become daunting.  A machine builders specification is a step toward reducing overall spare parts inventory. In addition, a good machine builders specification will include common operator interfaces, controls schemes, and maintenance setups which can streamline the manufacturing process.